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Program: Supporting Albanian Negotiation in Environment – Chapter 27 (SANE27) Phase II

This project comes as a follow up of the SANE 27 (1st phase). The new phase called “Supporting Albanian Negotiations in Environment, Chapter 27 (Sane27)- Phase 2” is implemented by Brooks Hannas & Partners, funded by Sida and has basically the same implementing unit that was involved for the first phase. The new program has started on 1st of September 2021, has a two-month inception period and twenty-six-month implementation period. The program purpose is:

(i) To provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Tourism and Environment (MTE) for Ch.27screeningand negotiations;

(ii) To provide technical assistance to Ministry of Tourism and Environment (MTE) to identifyCh.27 planning needs and to support the implementation of strategic planning documents.

The main beneficiary of the program will be the Ministry of Tourism and Environment with a special focus on the Department for Integration, Coordination, Agreement and Assistance (DICAA). However, all institutions and related persons involved in the integration processes related to Chapter 27 will benefit from the program. The program will continue to have a Close Working Relationships with all stakeholders and also try to create Sustainability and Know-How Transfer. The program will mobilize a combination of international and national experts that will support the project staff and the beneficiaries in the accomplishment of the results.

Program: Supporting Albanian Negotiation in Environment – Chapter 27 (SANE27) PHASE I

Following the Swedish objectives to support Albania in the key reforms towards economic development, strengthened democracy and a better environment, in line with Albania’s EU integration agenda, Sweden is financing the implementation of a program in environment and climate as one of the key areas of support. The program “Supporting Albanian Negotiations in Environment, Chapter 27” (SANE27) started with implementation in April 2018 and is implemented in partnership between the Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and focus on support in achieving better environment in Albania through implementation of EU Environmental Policy – Chapter 27 – Environment and Climate Change.

Apart from MTE, the program has been working with other ministries and relevant institutions that are members of the Inter Institutional Working Group for Chapter 27 – Environment and Climate Change, such as: Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEFA); Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy (MIE); Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MHSP); Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD); Ministry of Defence (MoD);State Agency for Strategic Programming and Aid Coordination (SASPAC), Agjencia Kombëtare Ujësjellës Kanalizime dhe Mbetjeve te Ngurta (AKUM).Agency for Water and Resourse Management (AMBU) National Environment Agency (NEA);National Agency for Protected Areas (NAPA); State Authority for Geospatial Information (SAGI); Institute of Statistics (INSTAT); General Directorate of Customs (GDC); Food Safety and Veterinary Institute (FSVI); State Technical and Industrial Inspectorate (STII).

The program has started at very important moment for Albania after the recommendation by the European Commission to open EU Negotiation as its main objective is to create technical capability of Albania administration to successfully negotiate Chapter 27 of the EU Acquis.

As the experience of the new Member States and current EU candidate countries shows, about 4 to 5 years of intensive work is needed in order to prepare to start Chapter 27 negotiations. The Environment and Climate Change chapter (Chapter 27) is considered as one of the most comprehensive and challenging to implement, including being the most costly chapter. Preparation requires good understanding of the current legal, institutional and implementation situation in the country, assessment of the capacity and abilities to meet all the requirements, well developed planning framework and strategies how, with which resources and by when full compliance with the EU legislation and standards will be achieved.

These are the main areas where the programme is supporting the Ministry of Tourism and Environment in its leading role preparing for the EU environmental negotiation. The project first of all gives focus on two main activities related to preparation for Chapter 27 – Screening as a first phase of negotiations and strengthening strategic planning for Chapter 27 Negotiation.

The program aims to have inclusive approach inviting for cooperation all relevant stakeholders – in particular national and local authorities that have competencies in environment, but as well representatives of the non-governmental organizations, academia and business sector. The program also support rising awareness among the national and local administration regarding challenges coming with the EU negotiation process but also how to transfer them into opportunities for better environment in Albania.

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