SANE27 Program Objectives

SANE27 Program Objectives:

The capacity and capability of the Albanian Environmental Ministry and other

institutions to prepare for EU Chapter 27 negotiations is strengthened.

Main Components of the program are:

  • Preparation for Chapter 27 Screening, and
  • Strategic Planning for Chapter 27 Negotiations.


Expected Results:

1.The Ministry and other Chapter 27 institutions are supported for Ch.27 Screening.

  1. Needs for Chapter 27 strategic planning identified, and process is in place to deliver

the required planning documents.


Summary of so far achieved outcomes:

  • Screening Preparatory Assessment of 73 main EU directives and regulations relevant for Chapter 27 in regard to their level of transposition, implementation and administrative capacity;
  • Need Assessment Documents for Chapter 27 identifying main needs to close identified gaps for the main 73 EU directives and legislations presented in project fiches for technical assistance;
  • Procedures of the inter-institutional working group for Chapter 27 “Environment and Climate Change”;
  • Communication Guideline Document;
  • Preparing draft answers for the screening questions for the sub-chapters Waste, Industrial Pollution and Control and Air; Providing numerous trainings on preparation for EU negotiation, screening process and requirements on different EU directive and regulation;

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