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Ministry of Tourism and Environment 


Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is a public agency in Sweden that is responsible for environmental issues. The Agency carries out assignments on behalf of the Swedish Government relating to the environment in Sweden, the EU and internationally.

The Agency’s remit is threefold:

  • Compiling knowledge and documentation – to develop our own environmental efforts and those of others
  • Developing environmental policy – by providing the Government with a sound basis for decisions and by giving an impetus to EU and international efforts
  • Implementing environmental policy – by acting in such a way as to ensure compliance with the Swedish Environmental Code and achievement of the national environmental objectives


The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Swedish EPA) conducts international cooperation both bilaterally with selected countries and in various multilateral forums. Swedish EPA cooperation contributes to its vision of ’a good living environment for humans and all other living things, now and for future generations.’ It also strengthens its ability to achieve the Swedish generational goal, environmental objectives as well as the Sustainable Development Goals under the global 2030 Agenda.


The work of the Agency is funded through government appropriations. A proportion of the funding is spent on staff, premises and other ongoing efforts. The rest of the funding is allocated to environmental monitoring, environmental research and international environmental and climate collaborations.

Every year, the Swedish Government establishes objectives, requirements and a budget for the Agency’s efforts in what are known as ‘appropriation directions’.

The Agency’s remit includes the allocation of government appropriations to other actors within fields such as the protection and maintenance of valuable natural environments, clean-up and remediation of polluted areas, compensation for damage caused by wildlife and support for outdoor recreation organizations.


Albanian management support component:

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