Sector Working Groups

Sector working groups are created for each sub-chapter under the Chapter 27 from the members of the IIWG27 and responsible persons for each directive/regulation and persons that will contribute in transposition and implementation from different institution within Albanian administrations that have competencies in environment and climate change.

Working Subgroup members are appointed on the basis of the responsibility of their respective institutions in relation to the acquis in Chapter 27. Each Working Subgroup is chaired and coordinated by the member of the IIWG representing the institution responsible for all or for most of the relevant topics or group topics (Head of Working Subgroup).

Main duties of Members of IIWG/ responsible persons for Chapter 27 directives and regulations during EU integration process and preparation for bilateral screening include but not limited to:

  • Ensuring that each EU legal act under responsibility is analyzed, status and the plans for transposition, institutional development, implementation and enforcement are developed as necessary input to prepare materials for the bilateral screening;
  • Participating and contributing to the Screening Preparatory Assessment (SPA) process;
  • Participating and contributing to the Needs Assessment process;
  • Developing answers to the Screening questionnaire;
  • Developing actions plans for particular directive/regulation during Screening;
  • Contribute in preparation of progress reports for EU integration;
  • Developing of presentations regarding legal act/s under responsibility during the Bilateral Screening meeting and other meeting with the European Commission as relevant for the European Integration;
  • Participating in the Bilateral Screening and other meetings, as a part of Delegation, delivery of presentations regarding legal act under responsibility;
  • Preparing answers and additional information following such requests from the European Commission or national authorities;
  • Identification of directives potentially requiring transitional periods, proposing actions for organizing development of Directive Specific Implementation Plans and other supporting documentation as required;
  • Identifying issues require further analysis and clarification with the EC or other institutions;
  • Monitoring implementation and further development of the National Plan for European Integration (NPEI);
  • Performing other duties as decided by the IIWG.

1. Working Subgroup for Horizontal legislation

2. Working Subgroup for Air quality

3. Working Subgroup for Waste management

4.Working Subgroup for Water quality

5. Working Subgroup for Nature protection

6. Working Subgroup for Industrial pollution control

7. Working Subgroup for Chemicals

8. Working Subgroup for Noise

9. Working Subgroup for Climate Change

10. Working Subgroup for Civil protection 

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