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Albanian CSOs’ in the EU membership negotiation process

It is largely accepted and experienced that the Chapter 27 of the EU membership negotiations is among the most challenging ones, both on achieving standards of the environmental qualities and management and its financial burden. Water and waste management, nature and biodiversity protection and compliance to requirements for public information and participation into decision making processes are examples in Chapter 27 showing the importance of understanding accession and its challenges.

The civil society, think tanks and academic networks play a huge role in linking the public and political sphere. Therefore, the integration of a cohesive civil society via environmental networks plays an important role in assuring the quality and success of the EU negotiations of Albania, making policy-environment-citizens an integral part of the process.

The project “Albanian Environmental Civil Society supports EU Integration process – Green27+”, part of the “Supporting Albania Negotiations on Chapter 27: Environment and Climate change” Program (SANE27), financially supported by SIDA, aims to enhance Albania’s EU accession process by stimulating dialogue between Governmental institutions and NGOs on environmental acquis related to topics of Chapter 27. The project is being implemented by the GREEN 27+ consortium of the following organizations: Resource Environmental Center (REC Albania), Environmental center for Development Education and Networking (EDEN center), Urban Research Institute (URI) and Institute for Nature Conservation in Albania (INCA).

A specific questionnaire has been developed to facilitate the assessment of CSOs’ capacities and better understand their role, issues and expectations from the EU accession negotiation process. The tailor made questionnaire was prepared with the contribution of all consortium partners. It is intended to collect more in-depth information of all the active civil society organizations relevant for contributing to the issues related to Chapter 27: Environment and climate change.

To access the results of the questionnaire, please click here: CSO Questionnaire Results



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