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“Data process management for approximation and EU negotiations for Chapter 27”

On March 24, 2022, The Ministry of Tourism and Environment of Albania (MTE), with the support of the program SANE 27 phase II, in the frame of the preparation for the EU negotiation process, held the workshop “Data process management for approximation and EU negotiations for Chapter 27”. The workshop was co-organized with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. The workshop aimed to provide starting point for MTE to prepare Platform for Chapter 27 – Environment and Climate Change that will enable MTE to better coordinate the EU negotiation process with other institutions in Albania.

At this workshop, data and information needed during EU negotiations and the demand for their integration and management was presented. Furthermore, experience and examples from Croatia and North Macedonia were shared in order to understand better how they have organized and followed the EU negotiation database including the one for Chapter 27, as well as example of their system for NPEI preparation and monitoring EU integration process using IT tools. During the workshop, productive discussions took place and was agreed to have another similar workshop or study visit to North Macedonia in order to have a first hand witness of the system in place.


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