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Preparing Chapter 27 negotiations: mobilizing support for Albanian environment

“Preparing Chapter 27 negotiations: mobilizing support for Albanian environment”, was held on 11 November 2019. It was a high-level meeting where 63 participants were present from different diplomatic representations and international originations present in Albania. The meeting was open by Minister Klosi, EU Ambassador Mr. Soreca, Swedish Ambassador Ms. Hastad and UN resident coordinator Mr. Willimas. At the meeting Vice Minister of MEFA Mr. Dedja and the Deputy minister of the MTE Ornela Cuci gave presentation of the country’s efforts for preparation for EU negotiations and the Bilateral screening preparation for Chapter 27: Roadmap. The needs of EU negotiations and summary of the Screening Preparatory Report for Chapter 27 was presented by SANE27 Senior Accession Expert, Arunas Kundrotas, SAE while Program Team Leader, Jadranka Ivanova,  has presented the needs assessment for implementation support as a summary of the prepared Project Fishes. The donor community showed interest in the assessment process and of the presented needs for Chapter 27. It was concluded that a dialogue between administration and donor’s community in Albania should continue to ensure maximum utilizations of available funds that meets country’s needs. Participants, in particular donors, found NAD as a very useful tool to structure their future support. NAD summary table and some project fiches have been additionally distributed to some donors on their request.

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