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Deadline extended to November 11 2022, 5 pm – Vacancy Announcment
Terms of Reference for Waste Expert to Minister of Tourism and Environment.


1.1.          Partner country

Albania is a country in South-eastern Europe. It is located on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea within the Mediterranean Sea and shares land borders with Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, North Macedonia to the east and Greece to the south.

Albania applied for EU membership in April 2009 and since then the EU approximation is a high priority for the Government. Considering progress achieved and following recommendation of the European Commission, Albania is a candidate country and is in the process of opening the EU negotiation process.

1.2.          Contracting Authority

Brooks Hannas& Partners d.o.o. on behalf of the Brooks Hannas and MP Dooel Consortium.

1.3.          Background

The EU integration is the strategic objective and priority for Albania, underpinning its national and foreign policies. Albania signed and ratified the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with the European Union and its Member States and in April 2009 the country applied for candidate country status.

During the period April 2018 to April 2021 Albania and Sweden have been cooperating in implementing the program “Support to Accession Negotiations in Environment Chapter 27”- SANE27. The purpose of the program was to support the Ministry of Tourism and Environment (MTE) as a coordinator of Chapter 27 and the other Albanian institutions and stakeholders to prepare for the EU-negotiations process for Chapter 27 – Environment and Climate change. The program has been funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). SANE27 Phase II is a continuation of this Swedish contribution, with the Albanian authorities to strengthen capacity of the national institutions to prepare for EU negotiations and accession.

Waste Management is considered a priority for the Government of Albania and, as such, for the Ministry of Tourism and Environment (MTE) as well being the leading institution in relation to the Integrated Waste Management policy making. There are several initiatives ongoing both on the legislation part related to the transposition of the EU acquis and the completion of waste legislation with bylaws and also practical interventions related to the improvement of the waste management in Albania.

MTE also in the short term will implement a project for Circular Economy and Green Growth (CE&GG) under IPA III (2021) in which are included recast of the waste framework law and alsoa project for establishment of the integrated waste management systems in Gjirokastër – Vlora south and Kukës waste management zones in line with the previously developed FS.

MTE has requested SANE27 phase II technical support to have an external advisor attached to the Minister on waste in order to follow up with the coordination with the technical team of MoTE of all the actions taken.


This contract will support implementation of SANE27 phase II Component. 1 – Activity 1.4. Support to MTE – Chapter 27 Institutions in approximating EU environmental requirements

2.1.          Overall objective

This contract will be a part of the following SANE27 phase IIobjectives:

  • To strengthen the understanding of the Albanian institutions of the EU negotiations process and the overall EU approximation process for Ch.27.
  • To improve the strategic planning capability and to align the relevant planning documents to the EU negotiations process and priorities.

2.2.          Purpose

The purpose of this contract is as follows:

  • Provide advice to the Minister on the waste related policies and investments.
  • Coordination of the Technical Team of MoTE for the initiatives taken for the waste management issues.


3.1.          Assumptions

This contract assumes that the

  • The MTE provides continuous support to the implementation of the program activities.
  • With the support from the MTE, a clear mechanism of coordination with other technical assistance projects (in particular IPA III) is established.
  • MTE and other relevant institutions are involved in submitting the required documents and in the required consultation process.
  • Programme implementation team will be able to handle the possible occurrence of corruption.
  • The SEA, defined here and accepted by the stakeholders, continues to be the required impact assessment document for the Action Document on CE&GG to progress to further development and financing.

3.2.          Risks

  • Busy schedule of MTE high ranking staff to meet
    Mitigating actions: preparing short written documents to be provided to the high-ranking staff of MTE and proposing to have short, focused meetings. Accompanying MTE high ranking staff to their meetings related to waste management.


4.1.          General

4.1.1.             Description

Waste sector as part of the Chapter 27 – Environment and Climate Change is considered to be one of the most challenging as it requires significant financial resources for waste management infrastructure to meet EU requirements that is mostly managed by the local authorities. In addition, good management of waste can be only ensured if it is followed by changing the behaviour of the citizens and make them involved in waste management practices. MTE is in a process of adopting amendments to the Law on Waste Management that will introduce by 1 July 2022 ban on plastic shopping bag as first step towards implementation of the Directive (EU) 2019/904 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 June 2019 on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment. The Directive 2019/904 aims to ban all single use plastic products in EU members ‘states. MTE aspires in the next period to propose a timeframe (roadmap) for gradual ban of all single use plastics products in Albania thus contributing in protecting the environment. Implementation of the ban of single use of plastic products can be only ensured if right infrastructure is in place and is supported by other supplementary measures, thus coordination with other institutions in Albania and stakeholders in necessary.

In addition, under IPA III in front of MTE is a process of developing documents for programming EU IPA III funds for 2023 year and onwards. Developing of such programs require good understanding of the waste policy documents in Albania related to waste infrastructure but as well good understanding of the local conditions for waste management. The infrastructure should be planned as to meet the Law on Waste Management objectives but as well objectives of the EU acquis for sub-chapter on waste. Several projects are under implementation in Albania related to waste sector and better coordination is needed as to align them with EU requirements. MTE currently lack sufficient number of staff for waste management and in particular activities on these issues significantly have been increase as waste management was place as one of the top priority of the government. Consequently, MTE has requested SANE27 to provide MTE one national waste management expert that will support the ministry in implementing waste management activities.

For supporting the required tasks there is a need to establish close and long-term cooperation, on dally basis with the MTE high ranking and technical staff into the decision making process.

The engagement will include a Waste management expert that will provide advice to the MoTE, support the coordination of work with other technical staff of the MTE and of related ministries and agencies, including donors, related to waste management. Also the work will include contributing in developing programming documents for IPA III in identification of infrastructure that could be funded, proposing time-frame and measures for introduction of ban of single use plastic products in Albania, analysing the existing policy documentation, the regulatory requirements of Albania considering EU acquis and good practice, consultation with stakeholders, development of presentations, participation at meetings and other related matters that the MTE staff may require.

4.1.2. Geographical area to be covered

MTE premises in Tirana, Albania

4.1.3. Target groups

The primary target group:

  • Ministry of Tourism and Environment of Albania – minister, general secretary and head of departments

Secondary target groups:

  • Waste National Advisory Group
  • MTE Waste Technical staff
  • Inter Institutional Working Group Chapter 27
  • AKUM
  • Municipalities

4.2.          Specific work

Result 1:           Provide assistance to the MTE high ranking senior officialsfor the waste management infrastructure planning and ban on single use of plastic products and provide support in programmes/legal acts developing and/or amending.

Result 2:           Provide assistance to the ministry technical team, SANE27 to identify possible waste infrastructure and technical assistance projects for to be proposed in IPA III and other donors’ funding programs.

Result 3:           Provide assistance to the MTE high ranking official and the ministry technical team for implementation of the existing and new projects related to waste.

Result 4:           Participate at meetings organised by MTE, SANE27 and other institutions related to waste management and provide coordination in the decision-making process.

The activities to delivery this work will include, but not be limited to:

  1. Analyse the existing and draft legal acts that have been prepared to be sent for approval procedure: (i) amending of the waste management framework law; (ii) Extensive Producer Responsibility law; (iii) legal acts for the ban of single use plastic products; (iv) other legal acts that serve to transpose the EU acquis or improve implementation of integrated waste management legislation;
  2. Coordinate the efforts to develop timeframe (road map) and propose measures to MTE for ban of single use of plastic products following the requirements of the EU Directive (EU) 2019/904;
  3. Analyse the waste related policy documents for investments in Albania (e.g. Waste master plan etc) and establish coordination with other institutions in Albania (MIE, AKUM, NEA ..) to support decisions for proposing waste infrastructure in forthcoming IPA III programming documents (including to other donors) ;
  4. Assist the minister of MoTE high ranking staff with briefings, presentation etc. Needed for the meetings to be heldin the Council of Ministers, EU related meetings, bilateral donors etc related to waste management.
  5. Participate in the waste related meetings/activities when his/her presence is required;

4.3.          Management structure

An individual expert will be chosen for such activity, and he/she will report to the contracting authority, TL as well to the coordinator appointed from MTE.


5.1.          Location

The Consultant is required to work in MTE premises as agreed with the appointed coordinator from MTE. Otherwise, the Consultant is responsible for her/his own location to work. Meetings with Ministry and SANE27 ph.2 and other if required will be held in Tirana or online as agreed.

The MTE will support expert to arrange meetings with local and national authorities if required for implementation of project activities.

When travelling in Albania, outside the usual place of work, expert shall work either at the location designated by the Contracting Authority, or from a hotel.

5.2.          Start date & period of implementation

The indicative start date is 15thNovember2022 until 31 December 2023. The contract can be extended for additional 6 months if needed, based on the agreement with MoTE and SANE27.

6.      Requirements of the Consultant

The Consultant must be one of the following types of entity: natural persons, or as a registered consultant.

6.1.          Qualification and skills:

Waste National Expert: 60 days for a period of one year (at average 5 days per month)

  • At least 10 years of experience in the environmental sector;
  • At least 5 years of experience in the Waste Management Sector;
  • Previous experience with local government and civil society in relation to waste management issues;
  • Previous experience with the EU legislation in the field of Waste Management;
  • Previous experience with analysing and/or drafting strategic and planning documents related to waste infrastructure;
  • Good knowledge of English

6.2.          Facilities to be provided by the Contractor

The Contractor shall provide any materials or facilities required for their work that is not otherwise specified here within.

7.      REPORTS

7.1.          Work planning

Most regular tasks will be consistent throughout SANE27, Phase2 and will rely on the initiative of the Team leader and KE2 to carry them out. Unique or new work packages to be agreed in advance with the Team Leader and Program Director. All working packages need to be approved by SANE27 phase II PIU.

7.2.          Reporting requirements

Monthly report: The expert will prepare a monthly report that shall be provided together with the invoices summarising how the work was done (which meetings, dates of delivery of outputs and similar) and corresponding Time sheets (TS). The final report should be developed after completion of all activities and submitted with the final invoice summarising what actions took place, what outputs were produced, when they were delivered and when they were accepted, along with any further comments and recommendations. Reports should be a maximum of 2 pages.

Supporting documents (including the outputs) shall be attached to the report.

7.3.          Acceptance of deliverables and payments

The outputs and expert’s contribution shall be in line with MoTE requirement and SANE27 core team.

Payments to be made on acceptance by the Program Directorbased on the signed TS by the Team leader and delivered outputs set out in article 4.2. MTE coordinator, prior approval of the TS should confirm expert’s delivery and outputs in accordance with article 8.1.


8.1.          Performance Review

The SANE27 Phase II core team will review the outputs as part of the delivery process. For this task MTE will nominate its coordinator that shall confirm that all outputs are delivered as required. Confirmation shall be done on bi-monthly base or on outputs as appropriate.

Applicants should send their application in English, no later than 11.11.2022 (17:00 o’clock), to E-mail: ermira.bashllari.Sane27@brookshannas.comusing the  CV forms and as indicated in Vacancy Announcement.

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