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Action Plan presentation meetings

SANE27 program, has supported the MTE in preparation of Action Plans for each directive / regulation of the Chapter 27. 27 Action plans were prepared for the sub-chapters on Air, Waste and Industrial Pollution and Control and draft screening questions for the relevant directives/regulations.

Draft answers to the bilateral screening questions have been prepared for the same sub-chapters. For the preparation and presentation of the Action plans many virtual meetings have been held where requirements of the directives and proposed actions have been discussed with MTE and representatives from relevant institutions that have competencies under environment and national and international experts engaged by SANE27. The action plans will provide clear guidance on the next steps to be taken to achieve transposition and full implementation of EU environmental legislation and strengthen administrative capacity.

These activities will help the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and other institutions to be ready for bilateral screening as the first phase of the EU Chapter 27 negotiation process.

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