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Preparation for Answering Screening Questions for Air, Waste and Industry Pollution and Control sub-chapters under Chapter 27

In anticipation of a positive decision to open EU negotiation in May 2020, MTE on 27 January 2020 with SANE27 support, organized a meeting to inform the staff of MTE and other institutions, relevant for air, waste and IPC sub- chapter, the steps to be followed with opening of the negotiations. Particular attention was given to the screening process as first part of the EU negotiation. During screening European Comission will send bilateral screening questions related to transposition and implementation of EU directives and regulation under Chapter 27. Questions are related to implementation requirements on the level of articles of the directives or regulations.

At the meeting SANE27 Team Leader, Jadranka Ivanova, has presented the process of EU negotiations and expected scenarios for Albania. She as well presented in detailed the EU requirements of the directives and regulations under the sub-chapters for Air, Waste and Industrial Pollution and Control. Time frame for answering screening questions for these subchapters was agreed.


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