In Green27+

Evaluation of the capacities of Civil Society Organizations

Albanian NGOs are important stakeholders which can contribute to the EU accession process. Besides strengthening the democracy and transparency processes, active NGO engagement utilizes the potential of the available expertise in the sector and stimulates joint constructive collaboration facing challenges in the EU accession process. Through their involvement, it is hoped that the project will encourage civil society organizations to become even more active stakeholders providing support in the EU-approximation process.

The project “Environmental Civil Society in Albania supports the process of European integration – Green27 +”, financially supported by the  Programme “Supporting Albanian Negotiations In Environment, Chapter 27” (SANE27), aims to enhance Albania’s EU accession process, by stimulating dialogue between governmental institutions and civil society organizations on issues related to environmental acquis according to the areas covered in Chapter 27: Environment and Climate Change. The project is implemented by REC, EDEN, URI and INCA.

To better understand the role, importance and issues of the participation of civil society organizations in the EU accession negotiation process, the implementing consortium created a questionnaire which was distributed to all the partner organizations of the project and also on social media networks.

The engagement of civil society organizations in fulfilling the questionnaire is supportive since it provides relevant information and NGO representatives also provide an expert opinion and awareness raising among civil society is ensured.

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