Working Subgroup for Noise

The aim of Environmental Noise directive (2002/49/EC) is to define a common approach intended to avoid, prevent or reduce on a prioritized basis the harmful effects, including annoyance, due to exposure to environmental noise. To that end the following actions shall be implemented progressively:

  • the determination of exposure to environmental noise, through noise mapping, by methods of assessment common to the Member States;
  • ensuring that information on environmental noise and its effects is made available to the public;
  • adoption of action plans by the Member States, based upon noise-mapping results, with a view to preventing and reducing environmental noise where necessary and particularly where exposure levels can induce harmful effects on human health and to preserving environmental noise quality where it is good.

The Directive also aims at providing a basis for developing Community measures to reduce noise emitted by the major sources, in particular road and rail vehicles and infrastructure, aircraft, outdoor and industrial equipment and mobile machinery.

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